• Nick Law, Global Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Groupe, New York
  • Michael Aimette, EVP - Global Executive Creative Director, BBDO, New York
  • Steve Babcock, Chief Creative Officer, VaynerMedia, New York
  • Jason Harris, President / CEO, Mekanism, New York
  • Philippe Meunier, Chief Creative Officer / Co-Founder, SID LEE, Montreal
  • Denise Rossetto, Chief Creative Officer, BBDO, Toronto
  • Chris Hirsch, Partner, VP, Executive Creative Director, lg2, Toronto
  • Justin Tindall, Group Chief Creative Officer, M&C Saatchi, London
  • Mike McGee, Global Chief Creative Officer, Framestore, London
  • Mick Mahoney, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather, London
  • Andre Laurentino, Global Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy, London
  • Arthur Tsang, Chief Creative Officer, BBH, China
  • Fred Raillard, Co-Founder, and CCO FF Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Shanghai
  • Rosalynn Tay, Chief Executive Officer, Dentsu Aegis Network, Singapore
  • Ajab Samrai, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather, Japan
  • Chris Kyme, CEO & Creative Director Kymechow, Hong Kong
  • Murphy Chou, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett, Taiwan
  • Bobby Pawar, MD, Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Worldwide, South Asia
  • Jonathan Beggs, Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi, South Africa
  • Ricardo John, Chief Creative Officer,  JWT Worldwide, São Paulo
  • Al Moseley, Global President / Chief Creative Officer, 180LA  
  • Renato Fernandez, Chief Creative Officer, TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles
  • Rupert Maconick, Founder / Executive Producer, Saville Prods, Los Angeles
  • Jimmy Smith, Chairman / CCO, Amusement Park, Los Angeles
  • Scott Donaton, Chief Content Officer, DigitasLBi, Los Angeles
  • Patrick Mulford, CEO / Chief Creative Officer, theAudience, Los Angeles
  • Pelle Nilsson, CEO / Founder,  B-Reel Films, Los Angeles
  • Lisa Tauscher, MD / Executive Producer, Partizan, Los Angeles
  • Laura Thoel, Managing Director, The Sweet Shop, Los Angeles
  • Chris Graves, Chief Creative Officer, Team One, Los Angeles
  • John Butler, Chief Creative Officer, BSSP, San Francisco
  • Eric Springer, Chief Creative Officer, INNOCEAN USA
  • Jaimes Leggett, Group CEO, M&C Saatchi, Sydney
  • Mikael Jørgensen, CEO, &Co. Copenhagen
  • Ami Hasan, Chairman,  hasan & partners group, Helsinki
  • Miguel Bemfica, Chief Creative Officer, MRM McCann, Madrid
  • Jesper Holst, Senior Creative Partner, Akestam Holst, Stockholm
  • Ralf Heuel, Chief Creative Officer/Partner, Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg
  • Eva Santos, Global Chief Creative Officer, Proximity Worldwide, Barcelona 
  • Preethi Mariappan, VP, Emerging Experiences EMEA, SapientRazorfish, Berlin
  • Anna Qvennerstedt, Copywriter, Senior Partner, Chairman of the Board Forsman & Bodenfors, Stockholm 
“The closer you can get to the people you want consuming your content, the greater your odds of creating something that they not only want to consume, but even share and talk about with other people. This is the intersection between advertising and entertainment.”- Eva Santos, Global Chief Creative Officer, Proximity Worldwide, Barcelona 

"I strongly believe that the advertising industry now, more than ever needs to be more about entertainment. It is an honour to judge The A-List Awards which is all about just that." Anna Qvennerstedt, Copywriter, Senior Partner, Chairman of the Board Forsman & Bodenfors, Stockholm 

 "The best advertising has always been is entertaining. But what is exciting about right now is you can put advertising and entertainment  into a blender and turn the blade speed way up. What I love about The A-List Hollywood Awards is that they are right in the middle of that mix." - Bobby Pawar, MD, Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Worldwide, South Asia

"Advertising and marketing is being seduced by technology and innovation with endless possibilities and channels. But one thing will always be universal: authentic, emotional and human stories are what resonates and connects people. The A-List Hollywood Award couldn’t sit at a more perfect intersection for our times.”   - Laura Thoel, Managing Director, The Sweet Shop, Los Angeles

"The worlds of entertainment and advertising are blending more than ever, providing the opportunity to utilize new platforms, new influencers and new ways of marketing. However, with this evolution comes the challenge for brands to evolve without losing their most important currency - their brand soul and identity." - Renato Fernandez, CCO, TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles

"In my experience as both a creative director and film director, I can only assure you that advertising and entertainment are truly complementary; married forever in all their ragged, demanding, disciplined, hilarious, humbling, sometimes-awful, always-entertaining glory. Those two deserve each other." - Michael Aimette, EVP - Global Executive Creative Director, BBDO, New York

"The A-list Hollywood Awards is a celebration of the new breed of creativity driven by digital and social, recognising stellar work at the intersection of entertainment and advertising". - Preethi Mariappan, VP, Emerging Experiences EMEA, SapientRazorfish, Berlin

"Because the phone is the new TV and platforms are the new channels, brands have a unique opportunity to become the new content creators. It's a truly exciting time to be in advertising." - Steve Babcock, Chief Creative Officer, VaynerMedia, New York

 “With the fragmented media landscape and the endless possibilities and confusion it has thrown up, never has the focus on the ‘Big Creative Idea’ been more important than now. I look forward to celebrating the Creative gems that truly cut through and touch the human emotions at The A-List Hollywood Awards” Ajab Samrai, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather, Japan

 "It’s true. Everything has been done before. So, as a creative, it’s your job to find that one idea that has only been done once, but done prior to 1 B.C. 
- Jimmy Smith, Chairman/Chief Creative Officer, Amusement Park, Los Angeles

 "We always say, people hate ads but everyone loves a good story. The A-List Awards showcase the great stories created at the intersection of advertising and entertainment." - Jason Harris, President/CEO - Mekanism, New York

"Street corners are more interesting than streets. That's where you get more perspective and where cool types usually hang around. The corner of Adland and Entertainment is one of the most exciting places in every country right now. The A-List Awards is a celebration of that." 
André (Dede) Laurentino, Global ECD - Ogilvy, London

 "We live in a world where advertising has become something to avoid, and yet people are spending more time on screens than ever. The fight for attention and memory now is so much more than just a competition against other ads. The advertising industry doesn’t simply need to learn from its cousins in the entertainment industry, it needs to become one with it. Branded messaging should be entertaining at its core – what better way to connect with your consumers and grow affinity for your brand than to use your marketing dollars to entertain the public?" - Arthur Tsang, Chief Creative Officer, BBH, China

“Great advertising is about good storytelling. Good storytelling entertains and is effective. The A-List celebrates the brilliance of such endeavours.”  
- Rosalynn Tay, CEO - Dentsu Aegis Network, Singapore 

I grew up in an age, where mainstream advertising often WAS entertainment. So for me the two industries are naturally intertwined. Unfortunately today this is not always the case. Much of what we see around us every day is boring and predictable, so we have a responsibility to seek out and celebrate the ideas and work that inspires and delights, in whatever shape or form it comes in. - Chris Kyme, CEO & Creative Director Kymechow, Hong Kong

“There is way too much bad content in advertising in the world. The A-List celebrates the clients and agencies that creates creative and engaging ideas that people love to see and love to share. The kind of stuff we need more of, and the stuff that really shows what good content and advertising can do for brands" Mikael Jørgensen, CEO, &Co. Copenhagen

"Entertainment is to amuse the audiences, advertising is to sell the products; now they're becoming one thing. It actually gives us a great opportunity of creativity, lets us convince our clients to accept brilliant ideas or stories to sell the products."Murphy Chou, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett, Taiwan

“At the end of the day, people just want to be inspired.  That’s what I look for in the work and what the A-List culture is supporting across all platforms worldwide.  Good work is remembered and celebrated, no matter what the medium.”  Lisa Tauscher, MD / Executive Producer, Partizan, Los Angeles

"Great entertainment x brand collaborations not only connect with audiences at a far deeper level than traditional advertising - but they also have the potential to impact culture. That, for me, is what lies at the heart of The A-List Hollywood Awards." - Patrick Mulford, CEO – theAudience, Los Angeles

 “The best and most successful advertising has always been the most entertaining. But in today’s world where consumers don’t just choose what they want to see, but when they want to see it, entertainment isn't just a key for brand success. It’s a necessity for survival." - Chris Hirsch, Partner, VP, Executive Creative Director, lg2, Toronto

 "However you choose to convey your message, and whichever media you work with, remember that branding should always bring joy - at the end of the day, it's all entertainment." - Philippe Meunier, CCO/Co-Founder, SID LEE, Montreal

2017 JURY
“The proliferation of ad blockers is just one of many indicators that people have never been less accepting of uninvited and intrusive marketing messages. So now more than ever, it’s not what brands say, it’s what they do that matters. Leave it to the traditional shows to celebrate the Sayers; The A-List exists to celebrate the Doers.”  ~ Omid Farhang | Chief Creative Officer | Momentum Worldwide | New York 

I can’t think of a better place for an awards show that honors the most entertaining and effective advertising campaigns than in Hollywood.  Our advertising community has an appetite for great storytelling that’s entertaining, which is oftentimes so elusive but when it comes together is truly inspired. The A-List’s identity is rooted in what makes advertising special.  ~ Brian Latt | Executive Producer / Partner |  m ss ng p eces | Los Angeles

 "In a world where data-driven marketing is gaining greater importance, engagement and innovation matter more than ever. The A-List celebrates brands and agencies that strive to make impressions through creativity.  ~ Anne-Marie Schaffer | President | PHD West | Los Angeles 

“The human connection has never been more important. And that’s the type of work The A-List Hollywood Awards brings to the forefront and celebrates — it’s the work that you simply cannot ignore.”  
Debbi Vandeven | Chief Creative Officer | VML | Kansas City 

"No other award show is a movement on the rise like the A-List. It rewards courageous, brave and intelligent CMOs, clients, agencies and brands that are making it happen."  ~ Scott Goodson | Founder & Chief Executive Officer | StrawberryFrog | New York 

"Exceptional storytelling will make or break the world of advertising. The A-List Hollywood Awards highlights this paradigm and brings to light new ways to translate the disruption of everyday technologies - from our smartphones to our tablets to our desk - into innovative branded entertainment that matters." ~ Oliver Fuselier | Managing Partner, Live Action | Tool of North America | Santa Monica 

"Somewhere along the line, Madison Avenue and Hollywood had a big old baby. And to everyone’s surprise it wasn’t nearly as ugly as we would have thought. In fact, this big strange baby can be downright magical. I’m glad we have a show to properly celebrate its place in our culture."  ~ Will McGinness | Partner, Executive Creative Director |  Venables Bell & Partners | San Francisco 

 “As audience viewing platforms and viewing options continue to evolve, the nexus between advertising and entertainment has become one of the most exciting and valuable areas of brand communication. The A-List recognizes this and awards the best work in this space from around the world.”  ~ Justin Drape | CCO & Co-Founder | The Monkeys | Sydney

“Storytelling is still the most effective way to convince people. See the switch on all digital platforms, where video contact is ruling now a days. That’s why we all need to embrace the power of storytelling.”  ~ Ivo Roefs | Co-CEO | DDB & Tribal Worldwide | Amsterdam

“Our ability to reach consumers on new platforms and with new formats continues to evolve rapidly. The intersection of advertising and entertainment has never been more relevant for us to break through the clutter.  The A-List celebrates the agencies and campaigns that are doing so in the most exceptional manner.” ~ Greg Castronuovo | President | OMD West | Los Angeles 

"If advertising is the ugly sibling to Hollywood, then the A-List Awards are the much-needed makeover, showing the magic that happens when the two come together."  ~ Kurt Mills | Writer | Goodby Silverstein & Partners | San Francisco

"Advertising inhabits the same channels as entertainment, out of respect for our combined audiences it should be held to the same standards. The A-List Awards is uniquely positioned to recognize the work and teams that live up to the bar set by Hollywood. ~ Sam Bergen | Executive Creative Director | VICE Media | Los Angeles 

"Our story-telling creative business moves in many ways, and to be part of an award show that focuses on the intersection between advertising and entertainment across all platforms, is A-Lists stamp for being what it is, a global celebration of what really matters in advertisings future."   ~ Alex Mehedff | Managing Partner | Hungry Man | Brazil 

"The line between entertainment and advertising has never been more blurred. It’s exciting to be judging work that recognizes that trend. Kudos to the A-List awards for being one of the award shows that truly gets it."  ~ Philip Khosid | Partner & Chief Creative Officer | Battery | Los Angeles

"It really doesn't matter any longer if it's branded entertainment or entertainment,  what matters is if it's a great story."  ~ Dominic Sandifer | President | Greenlight Media & Marketing | Los Angeles 


"A person who loves entertaining people is always being loved by them, and brand is the same. The A-List Award is the hottest award show that reminds you a principle of connecting people with brand."  ~ Atsushi Ishiwata | Senior Creative Director | Havas Worldwide | Tokyo

"Good to see a show set up to celebrate how what we do really has to truly connect, and even drive culture." ~ Nils Andersson | President & Chief Creative Officer | TBWA\China

"There are only a few awards genuinely stand up to its name. A-List is a true A-List when a client and creative community considers it as one."  ~ Pops KV Sridhar | Founder & Chief Creative Officer | Hyper Collective | Mumbai

"Today’s brands communications in advertising its all about entertaining your audiences, The A-List Award spot on the needs and celebrate the best in moving image advertising."  ~ Norman Tan | Chief Creative Officer | J. Walter Thompson | Shanghai

  We should definitely celebrate when advertising acts more like Hollywood, and we should morn when it goes the other way around.  ~ Chris Beresford-Hill | Executive Creative Director, EVP | BBDO | New York 

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